The 25th Anniversary of Banksia Park Primary School


During 2013 Banksia Park Primary School celebrated a milestone with its twenty fifth year of operation.  The theme was:


It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed since our fantastic school opened.  Whilst I have only been here for the last 8 years I do recall coming to a brand new Banksia Park Primary School to vote in an Election in its early days.  Walking around looking at the magnificent facilities I thought how wonderful the new school looked and mused that someday I might be lucky enough to be transferred in as a teacher as it was close to home.  It is funny how things turn out!

Our world has changed significantly in a quarter of a century.  For example, in 1989 there were only a few computers in the school but nothing like the technology we have available today.  However, some things don’t change and it is the ongoing spirit, passion and commitment shown by the Banksia Park community over 25 years that is at its core.  It is fantastic having an established and continuing legacy of great school pride and of course ongoing “Friendship and Knowledge”.

By way of comparison our school opened with 301 enrolments from Pre Primary to Year 7 in 1989.  In 2013 we have 364 students from Kindergarten to Year 7.  Those original students have since grown up left the school but we have some Foundation Staff  (Jan Fitch, Aggie Hanrahan, Carol Towie and David Brown) who have been here right from the beginning and have experienced the school’s journey through this time.  Recently, Mrs Fitch wrote her 25 Year Historical Reflection and it is available by clicking here.

It many respects the school looks much the same as it did in 1989 except that a lot of the “baby blue” colouring (which was very fashionable at that time) has been painted out and there have been some major additions - the Performing Arts Centre (attached to the Covered Assembly Area) and Teaching Block 3 (to replace the transportable classrooms that were on site for many years).

Education is absolutely vital and it is the prime reason why we are all part of the Banksia Park family.  The positive and encouraging interactions between family, community and school are at the heart of a happy and successful educational institution and this is definitely at the core of Banksia Park Primary School.  As we review twenty five years of Banksia Park Primary School it is these close partnerships that were formed so long ago and continue through to the present day and, I am sure, into the future that are the binding feature of our school. 

Thank you to all of the students, parents, community and staff who have contributed to our success over the last 25 years.  A special thank you to those involved with the Parents and Citizens Association, School Council, on staff and the many parents and community members who have committed their time, energy and expertise to make us a school of true excellence.

We have completed 25 fantastic years!  I am sure that there are many more wonderful years to come and many more exciting chapters to be written in the Banksia Park Primary School “Friendship and Knowledge” story.

Martin Humphreys



Some of the commemorative events that took place included:


    A new entry statement to the school was constructed on the comer of Hicks Street and Beasley Road.



  Every child in the school was given a special commemorative pin to wear on the collar of their uniform throughout the year to publicly celebrate this special event.


  A time capsule to be opened in 2028 was installed into a wall of the School Administration Block.  This will be the 40th year of Banksia Park Primary School and the contents describe life at Banksia Park PS in 2013.

At our School Assemblies we sang songs that were popular in 1989.  These included:
     "Old Time Rock and Roll"      (Bob Seger)
     "Don't Worry - Be Happy"     
(Bobby McFerrin)
     "Hip to be Square"                
(Huey Lewis & The News)


  As part of our annual Parents Open Night in September we had students showcase their musical and artistic endeavours.  In addition to the usual Art display the commemorative artworks for 2013 were unveiled  (click here for more detail) and the choirs performed.

  Amongst the usual events the P&C conducted a giant raffle with the major prize being a holiday for a family of four on the Gold Coast.
  The P&C provided significant funds to install the first stages of a new fitness circuit around the school oval.  This was supplemented by money raise by the School Lapathon.


    The P&C also hosted some special events including:
          Mothers Day Morning Tea
          Sausage Sizzle on Election Days
          Quiz Night
          KidsMatter Information Evening

  Due to a serious infestation of Marri Canker in the existing trees around the school (which will result in their eventual death and removal) there was to be a major replanting program as part of the 25 Year of Celebrations - so that the new trees could grow and be a lasting contribution to the future of our school.  Unfortunately, the nursery that had propagated our seedlings into larger plants had a catastrophe and all of our plants were lost.  This project was postponed to a future time.

  There were four Foundation Staff (from 1989) still working at Banksia Park Primary School in 2013.  We thank (left to right)
       Jan Fitch
       Aggie Hanrahan
       Carol Towie    and
       David Brown
 for their 25 years of dedicated service to our school.