25th Anniversary Artworks

As part of the 2013 celebrations our Art specialist, Mrs Fiona Jackson-Betham, worked with the students to create these fabulous artworks that now hang around the school as a reminder of the 25th Anniversary.

of our students have were involved in creating small individual pieces of art to contribute to these 4 major artworks which were unveiled at our Parent Open Night on the 18 September 2013.

These themes of the works were the School Environment, our Multicultural Community, our Children, and our School Motto of "Friendship and Knowledge".



Our first canvas represents our beautiful school environment.

This work acknowledges both the built and the natural environment.  Students in Year 4 completed observation drawings of our school buildings and structures.  While the Year 1 and Year 1/2 class walked around our beautiful gardens to find inspiration for these "plant" observation drawings.

Together, these two collections of work paint an extremely attractive picture of this special place we call Banksia Park.

Our second canvas represents our multicultural school community.
A selection of students from Year 6 and 7 have combined efforts here to create a work of three totem poles.  The totem pole being a symbol which we associate with other cultural groups, and has been used here to combine multiple works by individual students. Each student designed his or her section based on an icon they felt portrayed a particular country, or cultural background, of the children and families at Banksia Park Primary School. It is a celebration of the diverse school community of which we are all so fortunate to be a part.

The third canvas represents our children, both the students and their dreams.

This bright, bubbly canvas is the work of Year 3 students. Every Year 3 student made a colourful collage of a child.  Every child is made to look as if he or she is looking up or outwards, indicating a welcoming approach to life and learning.  They look up towards the bubble shapes above which represent the children's progress in life, particularly towards their goals or aspirations and their dreams.  The journey our students make while being at Banksia Park was the inspiration for this creation.

The fourth artwork for our 25th Year celebrations is a wallhanging. This piece represents our School Motto of "Friendship and Knowledge".

This is a collage of works by Year 2 students. Initially students designed a picture on paper and later transferred these designs onto fabric. Each picture tells a story of learning - gaining new knowledge through a particular subject area, or a passion or even an isolated learning experience. The border is created by taking the handprints of some of these Year Twos and represents the children of Banksia Park Primary School offering the "hand of friendship" to one another.