Becoming an Independent Public School


In early 2016 the Banksia Park Primary School community decided the time was right to apply for Independent Public School Status.

The process was very competitive with schools from throughout the State making application and presenting their case for inclusion in the 2016 intake.  It involved attendance at 3 days Professional Learning for both the School Council Chairperson and the Principal.  Whilst Banksia Park Primary School is seen as a very successful school, it still required a great deal of preparation to ensure that all the essential considerations were adequately addressed in the narrative presented to the evaluation panel.

The School Council, Staff and P&C were active throughout this process and their enthusiasm and willingness to be involved and support the application were fundamental to our success.

Our sincere appreciation to everyone involved in the process but special thanks to Mrs Sharne Elsbury, School Council Chair, and Mr Martin Humphreys, School Principal, for their great efforts in leading the school through this process.

In the near future our School Council will transition to a School Board with opportunities for new parents to be involved. It should be noted that there is minimal difference between a School Council and School Board as both are formed under the School Education Act (WA) 1999 and the School Education Regulations (WA) 1999.



On behalf of the School Council, I would like congratulate Banksia Park Primary School for achieving Independent Public School (IPS) status for 2017.  Gaining IPS status provides us with more freedom to make decisions about important matters that impact our studentsí education. Through the IPS application process, Banksia Park Primary School has reviewed our processes and made improvements to become more visible to the whole school community.  Our School Council is very enthusiastic about the new path we are taking and are excited about this transition from School Council to School Board.  Our School Councilís focus is always to ensure that any changes, decisions or directions will directly benefit our students and school community.  We look forward to continuing to have collaborative, community input into the direction and focus of Banksia Park Primary School.   We will continue to work together to achieve the very best school for all of our Banksia Park students, staff and community. 

Mrs Sharne Elsbury
School Council Chairperson

Presentation of our IPS Certificate by Ms Sharyn OíNeill  (Director General)
and the Hon Peter Collier MLC  (Minister for Education).