PALS - 2004

 Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing

At Banksia Park Primary School all classes were involved in projects which developed an understanding and appreciation of aboriginal culture. This website aims to give a "snapshot" of the wonderful work been completed during the project in 2004.  Click on the links below to view each class' work.

Area & Year

Project Description Link
  Bilbies and Joeys -     KP/PP How the Noongar came to be the Bulia
  Area 1 -                    Year 1 The Way of the  WhirlWind
  Area 2 -                   Year 2/3 Picket Fence 
  Area 3 -                   Year 1/2 T-Shirt Design Mosaic Slabs
  Area 4 & 5 -             Year 7

Newspaper, Picket Fence and  Bush Trail

  Area 6 -                   Year 5 Bush Plants
  Area 7 -                   Year 5/6 Web Page Design
  Area 8 -                   Year 6 Plants and Trees
  Area 9 -                   Year 3 Mural
  Area 11 -                 Year 4/5 Frog Pond
  Area 12 -                Year 3/4 Picket Fence


"The PALS 'Schools Reconciliation Awards' challenges students to improve their knowledge and understanding of Reconciliation issues by creating an activity either in their classroom or for their local community.

These Awards provide an opportunity for school-aged children to make a real difference to Reconciliation in their community, building self-esteem and self-confidence both in individuals and the community.


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