Banksia Park Primary School

Becoming a "Solar School "




During 2007 a group of teachers (Lesley Puglisi, Rose Clancy, Liz Cummins and Liz Hogben) began investigating ways in which Banksia Park Primary School could further reduce its impact on the environment.  The school had already instituted programmes involving the recycling of paper and the reduction of food scraps through the use of composting and worms.  As part of an ongoing environmental focus the school continued to grow seedlings that were planted both at the school and in the local bushland.  However, these teachers felt that Banksia Park Primary School could do more to combat climate change !!!!

By the end of 2007 they completed a submission to become a Solar School whereby the school (with financial assistance from the Sustainable Energy Development Office) would install solar cells that would produce some of our own electricity.

In March 2008 the Sustainable Energy Development Office - an initiative of the WA State Government's Office of Energy announced that our submission was successful and so our journey to produce some of our our electricity began.


                                         Melville Times    -  11 March 2008   page 19


On 6 June 2008 (following an extensive evaluation process where the successful tenderer was the Solar Shop)the installation of our grid connect solar system was completed and we began generating some of our own electricity.  The picture below shows the photovoltaic array on the roof of the administration building.  It has 32 thin film photovoltaic cells and a generation capacity of 1.92 kilowatts.


  Later in 2008 we applied for the Australian Government's National Solar Schools Program.  This application was successful and an additional $50 000 was made available to extend our electricity generation capacity.  Following evaluations by the West Australian Department of Treasury and Finance -  Building Management and Works Officers this installation work was awarded to Swan Energy.

The photograph below shows the additional solar array that was installed onto the roof of our Covered Assembly Area on the 12 October 2009.  These 30 photovoltaic panels have a generation capacity of 6 kilowatts of electricity.


Banksia Park now has a total solar generation capacity of 7.92 kilowatts of electricity.