Banksia Park Primary School Canteen


"The Right (Light) Bite"




  Our school canteen is open for recess and lunch on Wednesday and Friday. 

Menus are prepared regularly and are available online, at the canteen or the school office.  Any alterations to the normal canteen procedures or menu are notified in the School Newsletter.

The canteen is operated by the School's Parents and Citizens Association and has a dedicated Committee who oversee all aspects of its organization and management.

Our school canteen has implemented and maintains the Policy and Standards for Food and Drink in Public Schools.




  Our Canteen Manager is Gemma Gore


        Menu and Price List       (download in PDF Format)



Lunch Ordering Procedure:
The lunch order, child's name and classroom area number must be clearly printed on the bag. 
Correct money should be be enclosed and the bag folded to contain the money. 
This should be placed in the basket at the canteen before 8:50am. 
A separate bag for each child.


On Line Ordering:
This is available at


The canteen relies heavily on volunteers and helpers are required on a regular basis to prepare lunches.  Rosters for helpers are prepared each term.  If you would like to be on the roster please contact the school or call into the canteen on a Wednesday or Friday morning.



  The Banksia Park Primary School Canteen Menu is  

Star Choice products are approved for school canteens because they are lower in fat than regular products.

For more information regarding this visit the WA Canteen Association Webpage.