Parents and Citizens Association


Our Parents and Citizens Association has been operational since the earliest days of the school's development and continues to be an active and integral part of Banksia Park Primary School.



All Parents and Citizens Associations are established under the School Education Act 1999  for the purpose of supporting a strong government school system for the benefit of all students.   The Banksia Park Parents and Citizens Association consists of parents and guardians of children attending the school and other interested persons over the age of 18 who have paid an annual subscription. The principal is an ex-officio member.



The functions of the Banksia Park P&C are to:

  • Encourage parents to participate developing the schoolís educational policy.
  • Develop parent participation and involvement in the school.
  • Be the forum for parents to discuss ideas pertaining to the school community and gathering opinions.
  • Promote and support communication and cooperation within the school community and to bring educational matters to the attention of the wider community.
  • Have representation on the School Council.
  • Provide extra amenities for the benefit of school students.


View the Minutes of the latest P&C Meeting    (in PDF Format)


Banksia Park Primary School has always had a rich history of parental involvement.  In 1988 the yet to be completed school was named East Leeming Primary School by the Education Department.  The future parents (the school hadnít opened) disliked the name.  Seventy parents turned up to the first meeting and a delegation was elected to approach the Education Department to request a change of name.  The delegation failed.  Two hundred people turned up to the next meeting.  Once again a delegation approached the then Minister of Education, the Hon Carmen Lawrence, who finally agreed in August 1988 to rename the school Banksia Park Primary School for its opening in February 1989.  Since that period the Banksia Park Primary School P&C's work has always focused on outcomes related to the betterment of our childrenís education.

Large projects completed by the P&C include the air-conditioning of the whole school, assistance with the implementation of Information Technology (computers and cabling) throughout the school, provision of playground equipment, enclosing the covered assembly area and the building of the Performing Arts Centre.  The P&C has also provided many valuable resources for the library, the eight learning areas and pre-school, classroom and school activities.

But the relationship is more than material items as it has forged a partnership and a path of communication between the Parents, Principal and the Staff that is strong and healthy.

Committees associated with the P&C include Uniform, Band, Fundraising, Marketing, Sports and Canteen.

The P&C Association elects its Executive and Committees at its Annual General Meeting in February each year.


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