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Banksia Park Primary School is situated in the picturesque suburb of Leeming.  Our school is housed in attractive air-cooled classrooms with extensive bushland surrounds.  Our school facilities are of a high standard and include a large library, art room, enclosed covered assembly area with Performing Arts Centre, canteen, tennis courts, cricket nets, playground equipment and a grassed oval.

As the catchment area for Banksia Park is compact and almost completely built out our enrolment figures are stable.  Over the years a real community spirit has evolved with parents and staff working together to provide the best possible facilities and educational programmes for the students.  Our students are well behaved and motivated to learn, the parents are extremely supportive and the experienced teaching staff are hard working and enthusiastic.

Our school has much to offer to new residents and cross-boundary enrolments.  The size of the school, the innovative and established education programmes and positive working relationships between students, staff and parents all contribute to make this school highly desirable for potential student enrolments.

Browsing through our website will give you a general overview of the nature and operation of Banksia Park Primary School.  Further information is distributed through the School Newsletter (available online) and at our regular Parents and Citizens meetings.

Martin Humphreys

We try to make our school a happy place where children enjoy learning.  We hope they develop socially and academically to the best of their ability in an atmosphere of co-operation with staff and other children.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff and we will do the best for your children but we need your support.  Please feel free to come to the school to discuss your children’s progress, assist the teachers in the classroom, help with reading, the covering of books or any of our other activities.  For prolonged meetings with teachers please contact the school so an appointment can be arranged.

Your children appreciate your involvement with the school and their learning is enhanced when they see that you consider it important enough to take an active interest.

Community members and prospective parents are welcome to visit the school – just let us know and we will take the time to show you our facilities and tell you about our programmes.  We appreciate your views and suggestions and by sharing and caring we can continue to make Banksia Park a school of excellence.

All members of staff are looking forward to a fruitful and stimulating time working with your children.







Education is a life long process and Banksia Park Primary School, along with parents and the community must play a vital role in developing an ongoing “love of learning”.  It must be remembered that our future economic and technological society will evolve more quickly and these children will probably be retrained several times for different types of employment during their lifetime.

Schools are not just buildings but a collaborative community of students, parents, teachers and the local community with a shared value structure.  Notions of social justice, individual differences, democracy, caring, community responsibility, integrity, ethics, academic rigour and good communication must be central to this school community.

All students at Banksia Park Primary School are individuals and we must promote a school culture that:

·      develops the whole child,

·      encourages and supports students to be responsible for their own learning,

·      encourages and develops a sense of self motivation and a desire for students to achieve high
    standards at their own level,

·      promotes excellence both individually and collectively,

·      strives to achieve a high standard of basic literacy and numeracy skills, and

·      develops skills that utilise technology in the collection, processing and sharing of information.

With the introduction of the Kindergarten to Year 10 West Australian Curriculum a developmental approach to learning has been implemented across all learning areas and augmented with an eclectic approach to teaching so students are presented with a wide range of learning strategies, tools and options.

However, this can not be fully achieved unless the community and the parents are actively involved in the decision making processes that aim to achieve this standard of educational excellence.  Parents have a clear and proper interest in their children’s education and need to be offered the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of their children’s lives – including having access to and working with students in the classroom.  Clearly the more involved parents become in the classroom the more likely they are to be informed when they participate in school decision making.  Thus, a strong school community is an essential ingredient in the continuing development of Banksia Park Primary School.

Truly effective education at Banksia Park Primary School is a joint enterprise between the parents, school and community who work together for the improvement of student outcomes for all children.

Martin Humphreys 
MEd  MEdAdmin  GradDipCompEd  BEd  DipT  THC  MACE  MACS(Snr)  FACEL(WA)